Why The COVID-19 Pandemic Will Forever Be A Part Of History

COVID-19 Pandemic

Survey found that 88% of businesses worldwide encouraged their employees to work remotely when the COVID-19 pandemic spread. Additionally, 97% of these organizations canceled all travel during COVID immediately.

Remote work is already possible, but not at the same level as the COVID 19. This will make the COVID-19 a memorable event because it made a significant change in the economy and the way that we work.

Tens of million people are at risk from falling into extreme poverty while the number undernourished, currently at almost 132 million, could rise to 690 million by year’s end.

The Deaths And Cases

COVID-19 caused massive unrest in the US, and drastic measures had to be taken. The CDC states that the US has approximately 13 million cases and 270,000 deaths.

Because we are all human, it will be difficult to forget about such a tragic event. It was not pleasant to see doctors spending hours trying to combat COVID at hospitals and testing sites .

The Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown

Lockdown measures were implemented to stop the spread of COVID-19. Many economic and social activities were affected by this lockdown. To be closed down malls, shops and cinemas, as well as sports and event centers, churches, etc, until COVID-19 case is reduced. This is something that we have never seen before and should be remembered.

Last Note

Because of the many changes it brought, the COVID-19 pandemic is a part of history forever. This is the first time that we have seen something like this in our lifetime. It’s well worth documenting.

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