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We offer a variety of different IV Vitamin drips in our St Petersburg center as well as throughout the Tampa Bay area via house calls. We offer all the popular iv vitamin drips as well as custom iv vitamin drips. We offer IV Myers’ cocktail, iv glutathione, iv vitamin d, iv magnesium, iv vitamin c, high dose vitamin c, iv MSM, iv NAD, iv Phosphatidylcholine and more.
Our most popular iv vitamin drip is the Myers plus cocktail that includes all the B complex vitamins, magnesium, phosphate, calcium gluconate, amino acids, and vitamin c.
Each patient varies but in general six to eight sessions is recommended.
Yes! This is an off label use and has not been FDA approved for this purpose. Weekly IV Glutathione therapy and injections of Glutathione have been shown to decrease melanin production and cause a decrease shade in skin color.
Yes! Both vitamin c and glutathione cause decrease production of melanin and skin whitening.
Our iv vitamin drips start at $150 and go up depending on what is included in your cocktail.
Yes you can add different ingredients to your drip and customize it.
Yes! We offer high dose iv vitamin therapy for alternative treatment of cancer. We recommend that you have a consult with our onsite physician for high dose vitamin c therapy in order to review your case and medical history.
There are many benefits of vitamin c infusion including anti-oxidant effects, immune boost, skin benefits, and more.

Some studies have shown that vitamin c may help repair damaged skin. IV Vitamin C drips also help in wound healing, production of collagen, decrease in wrinkles and more.

Yes! We offer IV NAD in our Clearwater office and throughout the Tampa Bay area for addiction treatment and reduction of withdrawal’s and cravings. IV NAD is believed to help with brain restoration and increasing hormone levels in the brain.

Yes! We offer iv hydration to treat dehydration in our Clearwater office as well as throughout the Tampa Bay area via house calls.

Yes! We offer a variety of iv treatment for anti-aging purposes in our Clearwater office as well as throughout the Tampa Bay area via house calls. We offer anti-aging cocktails including iv glutathione, iv Myers cocktail, iv vitamin c and more.

An IV drip takes anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes and possibly longer if you have small veins or are receiving higher amounts of fluids. The length of time it takes depend on a few variables including the type of vitamin drip you are receiving, size of bag, catheter size, etc. Anticipate being here for at least a half an hour.

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