Vitamin IV Drip Therapy

Vitamin IV Drip Therapy

IV Vitamin drip therapy

Our St. Petersburg office provides a variety of vitamin cocktails for IV drip therapy including vitamin C, B complex, Myers cocktail, Glutathione, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Folic Acid, Biotin, Amino Acids, Vitamin B12, MSM, Phosphatidylcholine, NAD, and more.

Custom vitamin bags for certain conditions?

Yes! We also provide custom preparations of vitamin IV drip therapy for anti-aging, sports, hangover, beauty, skin glow, energy, performance, relaxation, hair, skin, immunity, sleep, headaches, weight loss and more.

  • Rehydration Drip

A rehydration IV contains electrolytes to replenish lost fluids and minerals.

  • Energy Drip

Our energy boost vitamin cocktail contains a mix of antioxidants, B complex vitamins, and vitamin C to boost your energy as well as elevate your immune system.

  • Detox Drip

The Detox IV drips contain a variety of vitamins as well as glutathione and magnesium to flush and detox your body.

  • Magnesium Drip

A Migraine IV contains a powerful blend of vitamins and amino acids in addition to magnesium to ease your migraine headache.

  • Beauty Drip

Our Beauty drip contains various vitamins in addition to vitamin c, glutathione, biotin, folic acid and more.

  • Skin Glow Drip

The skin glow drip contains a variety of amino acids, vitamin c, glutathione, biotin, folic acid and more.

  • Immunity Drip

A immunity drip contains all the amino acids your body needs in addition to high dose vitamin c, glutathione, b complex vitamins, vitamin b12, and more.

  • Weight Loss Drip

Our weight loss drip contains all the B complex vitamins in addition to lipotropic, vitamin d and MIC.

  • Performance Drip

The performance drip contains high dose vitamin c in addition to all the B complex vitamins and methylated vitamin b12, magnesium, L-carnitine, Leucine, Selenium, calcium, glutathione, Arginine and more.

What is vitamin IV drip therapy?

IV drip therapy decreases the chances or likelihood of flushing symptoms associated with B complex vitamins.

Some patients can experience a flush feeling when IV vitamins are administered too fast or as a bolus, and thus a drip intravenous therapy is the preferred method of delivery.

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