The Wellness Firm Offers On site Flu Vaccinations 

The Wellness Firm Offers On Site Flu Vaccinations 

Flu season can not only affect your employees but also your company’s productivity and efficiency. It can also increase your healthcare costs. Flu seasons can vary in severity. Flu is the leading cause of 31.4 million outpatient visits, 200,000 hospitalizations, and an economic burden of more than $87 billion. The Wellness Firm can protect your entire business, regardless of size or industry with on site flu vaccinations. Our onsite vaccination services will give your employees peace of mind and help you ensure your company is well-prepared for flu season.

The Wellness Firm offers flexible and high-quality care. We are proud to support workplace flu clinics at work in any part of North America. Our team is passionate and well-trained. We will take care of your employees so you can take care of business.

The Wellness Firm’s team is here to help you make your flu season and clinic worry-free. To ensure your mobile flu shot clinic is a success, we will work with you to coordinate the best times, places, and methods.

We Offer The Following Services:

On site Flu Vaccinations For The Workplace

You don’t want to take the time off your employees’ busy schedules by asking them to leave work for their vaccines. Your entire staff can make arrangements to see our experts while they are still at work with our workplace vaccination clinics. You can rest assured that your employees will be safe with our onsite solutions, and your company will remain on track during flu season.

Education And Information

Our team understands that you are busy and will make your on site flu vaccinations clinic easy. Our expert staff will provide all information about your event before you go to the clinic.

What Is An Onsite Flu Clinic?

A workplace solution for flu vaccination is the onsite clinic. Qualified nurses will arrive at your workplace or place of work to administer flu shots at a time and day that is convenient for you. This service is easy and smooth, which encourages employees to get vaccinated.

The Wellness Firm can help you no matter where your business is or in what sector.

What Are Some Other Services Available?


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Keeping your employee’s health pays dividends. Get more information about The Wellness Firm’s wellness services by contacting us today.

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