Mobile IV Therapy Tampa

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Why does the Tampa Bay area choose The Wellness Firm for their mobile IV therapy in Tampa? Our IV bags can be tailored to your specific needs. The Wellness Firm listens to our patients’ symptoms and consults them. Our nurses can add or remove vitamins according to your needs. We meet your specific needs!

We will help you, whether it was a night of fun in SoHo, Ybor City or DTSP (Downtown St. Petersburg). The Wellness Firm  is not just a “party-recovery” service, but we also want to help you reach your overall health and fitness goals.

We can meet your specific requirements! Do you want to know how our mobile IV therapy in Tampa can help you? Find out how our services can help you to feel better!

Vitamin IV Tampa

Customizable IV Therapeutics To Help You Feeling Your Best

The Wellness Firm’s mobile IV bar can be used to treat a wide range of conditions. Our mobile IV therapy specialty services include:

Vitamin IV Therapy

This therapy can help with your sports performance, or simply to give you that energy boost you need. Our Vitamin IV treatments contain saline, which replenishes electrolytes and hydrates you.

Our Vitamin IV treatments also include Toradol which helps to reduce inflammation naturally, and several nutrients that support the immune system.

NAD IV Therapy

This therapy improves your neurological function, which allows you to remain sharp all day.

This therapy also helps to relieve pain by reducing the inflammation on a cellular basis. This therapy promotes cell regeneration and repair. It also supports healthy skin and maintains muscle health.

Hangover IV

This therapy aids in a quick recovery and relieves symptoms after a night out drinking. You can take back your day with our Hangover IV Add-On.

The “Works” formula we use in our Hangover IV replenishes electrolytes and revives nutrients, so that you feel hydrated and energetic. You can also receive a preventative Hangover IV, which is an IV that you can get before you drink, to avoid the hangover the next morning!

Immunity Booster IV

This therapy uses B-Complex Vitamins along with Vitamin B12 and Glutathione in order to promote a healthy immune system and reduce inflammation. This therapy will give you the energy you need to get better quickly if you have been sick.

The Immunity Boost IV Add-on is a great choice if you’re recovering from a sickness or want to prevent one. To learn more, speak to our nurses.

Common FAQs About Mobile IV Therapy In Tampa

What is mobile IV therapy? 

Mobile IV therapy entails administering intravenous (IV) fluids, vitamins, minerals, and medications by trained professionals in the comfort of your own location – whether that be home, office or hotel room. This provides easy access to essential hydration and nutrients.

How does mobile IV therapy work? 

When scheduling a mobile IV therapy session, a healthcare professional will arrive with all necessary equipment and will assess your needs, insert an IV catheter into your vein and administer fluids or nutrients tailored specifically to you based on your requirements – typically taking 30-60 minutes of your time for each visit.

What are the benefits of mobile IV therapy? 

Mobile IV therapy has several advantages over other forms of treatments, including:

Experience convenient IV hydration and nutrition therapy without needing to visit a clinic or hospital, tailored specifically to your specific needs and goals. Possible relief from symptoms related to dehydration, fatigue, jet lag, hangovers and other conditions.

Enhance wellness, increase immunity, and raise energy levels.

Mobile IV therapy can generally be considered safe when administered by highly experienced healthcare professionals, who possess knowledge in IV insertion techniques, maintaining sterile environments, and monitoring your response to treatment. However, it’s essential that any preexisting medical conditions or allergies be disclosed beforehand in order to make sure this therapy will meet your needs appropriately.

Who could benefit from mobile IV therapy in Tampa?

Mobile IV therapy may offer advantages to various individuals, including:

Dehydration due to exercise, illness or travel. Searching for relief from hangovers or jet lag symptoms.

Seeking to increase immunity or overall wellness. Need rehydration support due to certain medical conditions.

How quickly will I feel the effects of mobile IV therapy?

Results may differ depending on an individual and their goals for treatment; however, many report experiencing its benefits immediately post session, including increased hydration and nutrition intake as well as energy improvements and reduction of headache or fatigue symptoms.

Are there any potential side effects of mobile IV therapy?

Although mobile IV therapy is generally safe, potential adverse events include minor bruising or discomfort at the injection site; infection (although rare); or an allergic reaction to certain components of the IV solution. It’s essential that any allergies or medical conditions be disclosed beforehand so healthcare professionals can take necessary steps to minimize risks.

How often should I receive mobile IV therapy sessions?

This depends entirely on your unique goals and needs; some individuals may choose to receive treatments on a more regular basis (once every week or month), while others only require occasional sessions as needed. It is wise to consult with healthcare professionals regarding what frequency is appropriate in your particular circumstance.

How can I schedule mobile IV therapy sessions?

To arrange a mobile IV therapy session, simply contact The Wellness Firm via website or phone and they will guide you through the process, discuss your needs and arrange an appropriate time and date. Be sure to give accurate contact and address information for an easier experience.

Are mobile IV therapy services covered by insurance? 

Mobile IV therapy typically isn’t covered by insurance as it’s considered elective services; however it’s wise to check with your provider to ascertain their policies before making this decision. 

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Founded by local Firemen, The Wellness Firm has been providing a safer Tampa Bay since 2006. We take pride in taking the time to understand what each client needs in order to reach wellness. The Wellness Firm offers IV therapy, such as:

covid and employee services such as wholesale rapid antigen tests, on site event covid testing, on site covid testing, CPR training, corporate physical examination, and more! The Wellness Firm offers blood work so you can have completely tailored IV therapy based on your body’s needs. Contact us on our page, phone or E-mail today for our IV services and be sure to check out our 5-star reviews.

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Mobile IV Therapy Tampa Therapy Instructions

Pre-Treatment Instructions

  • Drink 2 large glasses (24 oz) of water every day. Even if you are fasting to get bloodwork, drink water before and after treatment. By staying hydrated, you will be able to insert the IV more easily and your kidneys will be able to flush out toxins and heavy materials easier.
  • Bring a healthy meal to your treatment or eat it before you arrive. Include proteins in your meal, such as nuts, eggs, meat, or protein bars or shakes. The protein will help keep your blood sugar levels stable throughout the treatment.
  • Avoid drinking coffee or tea before your treatment. Caffeine can dehydrate your veins, making it harder to start an IV.
  • Take vitamin or mineral supplements 4 hours after your treatment. After your treatment, take vitamin and mineral supplements four hours later.
  • Avoid exercising 2 hours before and after your treatment.
  • Before starting treatment, weigh yourself.
  • Inform your provider of any changes to medication.
  • Tell the provider if you have experienced any changes to your health since your last treatment.

During Treatment

  • Do not cross your legs during your treatment. You need the IV contents to circulate freely throughout your body.
  • The IV shouldn’t be painful. If you feel any discomfort, let us know as soon as possible.
  • Bathroom: Roll the IV pole to the bathroom with your non-IV hand when you get up. Do not panic if your blood re-enters the tubing. If you sit down, the fluid in your drip chamber will continue to flow and the blood should return to you. Tell your provider immediately if this does not occur.
  • Avoid dizziness by not standing up too soon during or after the treatment.

Instructions For Post-Treatment

  • A bandage is applied to the IV site at the end of the treatment. If you bruise easily then leave the dressing for an hour. If you don’t bruise easily, remove it after 15 minutes.
  • Drink 24 ounces or more of water.
  • Tolerate your bowels with vitamin C. Vitamin C helps detoxify.
  • Rest well.
  • When chelating, replacement minerals are required. It must be a separate trace mineral supplement and taken as directed, even though you may be getting some minerals from your multi-vitamin/mineral supplement. Ask us about your current brand. Many are not well absorbed.

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