Employee CPR Training In Pinellas County

Employee CPR Training In Pinellas County

Did you know that approximately 10,000 cardiac arrests occur each year at work in the United States? A bystander can provide CPR in the first few minutes after cardiac arrest to increase survival chances by 300%. To help your chances in the workplace, The Wellness Firm offers employee CPR training in Pinellas County.

All employers should plan to respond to an emergency situation. No matter what industry you work in, first aid training can be a benefit to your company. In most cases, OSHA requires that employers have at least one person certified to provide first aid, CPR, and AED response. We answer some of the most important, but common questions.

It takes between 8-12 minutes for first responders to arrive after 911 is called. The chance of survival in a cardiac emergency is approximately 10% lower for every minute that defibrillation takes longer. It is recommended that every employee in every workplace receives first aid certification, employee CPR certification, and AED training for each shift. 

What Number Of Employees Should Be Trained

The size and layout of your facility as well as the number of shifts you work depend on how large it is. Each shift should have at least one primary and one backup responder. Additional responders are needed to ensure quick response times in all areas. Employees with first aid/CPR/AED training should be able to retrieve their equipment within three minutes and reach the injured person in the event of a cardiac emergency.

How Can My Employees Become Certified

There are many ways to get certified. You have two options: employees can take a certification course off-site, or you can have a Certified First aid/CPR/AED trainer visit your facility to certify your staff. Employees don’t have to travel far to become certified. For as little as five hours, on-site training can be certified up to fourteen employees. The Wellness firm offers offsite and onsite CPR training in Pinellas County and surrounding areas.

What Do I Need To Complete My CPR Class?

Employers need to designate an employee who is responsible for the maintenance of the company’s emergency response plan. The designated person could be either an EHS manager or a facility manager. There are a few essential components to maintaining a first aid/CPR program.

  • Training for Employees: It is necessary to train enough employees. This should cover multiple employees for each shift. Every 2 years, employees must be retrained.
  • First Aid Kit: All employees must have easy access to first aid supplies. OSHA recommends that employers adhere to the ANSI Z308.1 2015 standard for first aid supplies. According to ANSI, first aid kits should contain cold packs, exam gloves, burn dressings, and other useful supplies. It is the employer’s responsibility to stock and ensure that supplies are not lost.
  • AED: This life-saving piece of equipment can be rented, or purchased. It should be accessible to all employees. Employers should ensure that AEDs and pads are regularly inspected by their employees and replaced if necessary.
  • Respond: Employees need to know how to react if they are hurt. This involves posting a list of the first aid/CPR/AED-certified employees in a visible location and training all employees on injury response (initiating first aid/CPR/AED response, notifying management, incident response, documentation, and follow up).
  • Documentation: This includes documentation for trained employees, incident investigation logs, and the Emergency Response SOP. The SOP should outline the responsibilities, inspection frequency and content, and emergency response procedures for common emergencies.

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You might find yourself in a situation where CPR training is necessary, even if your job does not require it. Make sure your employees are trained properly with The Wellness Firm’s CPR training in Pinellas County. You can also schedule Covid testing in St Petersburg FL with a local provider by Contact us today.

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