Covid Travel Tips: Travel Safely During The Holidays

COVID travel tips

Are you making travel plans for the holiday season? Then you are going to need some COVID travel tips because you won’t be the only one. The U.S. has lifted its ban on international travel. Experts are expecting a surge in domestic and international travel. Experts predict a rise in domestic and international travel after the U.S. has lifted its ban on international travel. AAA projects 53.4million people will travel to Thanksgiving, an increase of 13% over 2020. This means that travel volumes will be within 5% of pre-pandemic levels for 2019, and air travel will increase by 80% compared to last year.

Many travelers feel a renewed desire and confidence to travel this year, buoyed by the COVID-19 vaccination and the current rollout of booster shots. Some travelers might still be hesitant about flying (or rail) during the holiday season due to the increase in breakout cases even among fully vaccinated.

Here are some COVID travel tips from MyWellnessFirm before you book your holiday travel.

Get Your Booster Shots

The first COVID tip: It is smart to get a booster shot. Most Americans are now eligible for one. Boosters remind the immune system of COVID so that it is ready to respond if we become infected. Your booster should be used within two to three weeks. This will give you the most protection against COVID-19.

Booster Shots Will Not Affect The Results From A COVID-19 Test

For those who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, there is no requirement for testing. A booster is not required if you require a COVID-PCR test before international travel.

Socializing With Unvaccinated Individuals Can Still Put Fully Vaccinated People At Risk Getting COVID-19

While being fully vaccinated can protect you from severe illness, hospitalizations, and even death, it doesn’t protect you against COVID-19. Wear a mask if you must be present in a room where there is an unvaccinated person.

If Possible Get Tested After Traveling

If you have a close friend or family member who is immunocompromised, or who is at high risk for contracting COVID-19, it’s worth looking into a COVID-19 test. You must wait five days after you return from travel before you can get a rapid antigen or PCR test. You can socialize and return to work once you have received a negative result.

Limit Exposure To Planes And Trains

You should wear your masks, preferably surgical, on the plane. Avoid eating and drinking around other passengers. The greater the chance of you coming in contact with COVID-positive people, the more exposed you will be to them. 

For more information on COVID testing and where to get your wholesale rapid antigen tests, contact us at The Wellness Firm. We also provide onsite Flu Shots, onsite rapid COVID event testing, employee physical examination, as well as American Heart Association CPR certification classes. We have professionals that provide in-person hands-on, quality training.


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