COVID Onsite Testing At Events And Concert Venues

COVID Onsite Testing At Events And Concert Venues

Concerts bring people from miles away together in one place. Concertgoers can spend hours in concert together, either sitting down or dancing. To prevent COVID-19 from spreading rapidly, it is essential to test concertgoers. The Wellness Firm offers Rapid COVID onsite testing to protect your guests at your next event.

The Wellness Firm has extensive knowledge in the music/concert business over the years. The Wellness Firm was founded by local Firemen and has been serving the Tampa Bay Area area since 2006. The Wellness Firm was founded by local Firemen and has been serving the Tampa Bay Area since 2006. We offer the best care using cutting-edge technologies and top-of-the-line treatments.

We advocate the measures that have been successful in harm reduction and medical oversight. The Wellness Firm promotes and directs processes and procedures that continue to innovate the industry.


COVID Onsite Testing At Stadiums

Stadiums are destination events for thousands of fans. They will spend several hours together, cheering and waiting in lines at concession stands. Provide rapid COVID tests to your patrons before they join other fans. This will ensure that all your guests are safe at your next event.


Our team has the expertise to plan and provide outstanding medical services for your stadium. We can handle large crowds of tickets, which is a challenge in the industry. However, we are capable of providing exceptional medical services and planning for your stadium and events.


We have the expertise to provide a complete range of screenings, medical care, compliance, and other services.

COVID Onsite Testing At Conferences

People from all walks of the globe come together at conferences. Many people gather for many days at once. Conference attendees and staff are at greater risk of contracting COVID-19 if they don’t have COVID onsite testing. To increase safety for your staff and guests, rapid test attendees for the Coronavirus.

The Wellness Firm offers medical services to professional conferences of any size that are held at various locations across the country. We provide efficient, cost-effective services that keep participants safe and healthy.

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COVID-19 PCR Onsite Test

The PCR (polymerase-chain reaction) test is used to screen for the presence or absence of viral RNA (Ribonucleic acid). This will allow the body to detect the virus before any symptoms or antibodies develop. These tests are able to detect if someone is suffering from the virus early in the illness. The average turnaround time for results is 24 hours.

COVID-19 Antigen Onsite Testing

Rapid diagnostic tests also known as antigen tests detect specific proteins on coronavirus’s surface. In as little as 15 minutes, the results of an antigen test can be returned.


An antibody test can detect antibodies developed from exposure to COVID-19.

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