Wholesale Antigen Tests: DIY Covid Testing Steps

Wholesale Antigen

The INDICAIDTM COVID-19 Quick Antigen Test is non-invasive and can be used to detect SARS-CoV-2 in respiratory specimens. Each INDICAIDTM CoVID-19 Rapid Wholesale  Antigen Test can only analyze one anterior nasal sample. From clinical specimen collection to the result, it takes approximately 20 minutes to complete one test.

Here is your guide to correctly apply your INDICAIDTM Antigen Test, and determine whether or not to quarantine!


Step 1

Take the Swab and Test Device out of their packaging. For the test, place the Test Device on a flat surface.

Step 2

The entire collection tip of your swab (usually 1/2 to 3/4 inch or 1 to 1.5cm) should be inserted into the nostril. Take a sample of the nasal wall and gently rotate the swab around the wall, at least four times. The specimen should be taken out of the mouth in approximately 15 seconds. Make sure you collect any nasal drainage. Use the same swab to clean the other nostril.

Step 3

The Buffer Solution Vial cap consists of two parts: purple and white. The entire cap should be removed. The Buffer Solution should be stirred into the swab. Make sure that the head of the swab is completely submerged by tilting your vial. The Buffer Solution should be twisted 20 times. To release liquid from the swab’s head, roll the swab against the inner wall of a vial. Then discard the swab.

Step 4

Secure the entire cap of the vial. Proceed immediately to the Test Procedures for processing the sample.

Test Procedure for Patient Swabs


  • Immediately after the specimen is collected in the Buffer Solution Vial, perform the following Test Procedures.
  • When performing the test, the Test Device must be placed on a flat surface (horizontal) You should not test the Test Device in another orientation.

To expose the tip of the dropper, remove the purple cap. The vial should be held vertically over the sample well (S). Slowly squeeze the vial and add 3 drops of the Buffer Solution to the well (S).

To ensure proper test performance, it is important to read the test line (T), and control line results (C) promptly at 20 minutes. You should not use results after 25 minutes.

Interpretation of Results

  • The test results can be interpreted visually without the use of instruments.

Positive Results

SARS-CoV-2 Antigen is detected by the presence of the red-colored control (C) as well as their test line (T). This indicates that it is currently COVID. Low levels of antigen in samples may result in a faint line. Any visible test line is considered to be positive.

Negative Result

A negative result is indicated by the presence of the red-colored control (C)  visible testing line (T). No SARS-CoV-2 antigen was detected.

Invalid Results

Do not interpret the test results if the red-colored control (C) line is not visible. The test result is invalid, regardless of how the line appears. Take a fresh sample from your nose and repeat the test with an INDICAIDTM COVID-19 Rapid Wholesale Antigen Test.

External Quality Control Procedure

  • Take the new Swab and Test device out of their packaging. For the test, place the Test Device on a flat surface (horizontal)
  • Place a new INDICAIDTM CoVID-19 Antigen Positivity Control Vial vertically.
  • The new Swab should be dipped in the Positive Control Vial. Make sure the Swab head is completely submerged in the solution. To ensure that the swab remains wet, roll the head of the Swab into the solution. The Swab should be removed from the Vial.
  • Perform the same steps described in the section “Test Procedures for Patient Swabs” above to immediately test the Swab.

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Covid will continue to rely on testing as a key part of pandemic management. You can also schedule COVID testing with a local provider and get more information on Wholesale Antigen Tests by contacting us today!

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