Vitamins For Eyesight

Vitamins for Eyesight

Vitamins for eyesight should not be taken for granted. As we age, our vision decreases, and becomes more vulnerable to macular degeneration and cataracts. Luckily, some vitamins can protect your eyesight and prevent severe eye conditions. Vitamins for eye health include vitamins A, C, Beta-carotene, and Zinc. 

The Wellness Firm provides a wide range of nutrients that can be injected directly into the bloodstream. We are a boutique-style medical office that offers a high-quality, personalized service. All of our nutrients are made with the best ingredients in the medical field.

Vitamins for Eye Health

Vitamins and minerals that are commonly recommended for eye health include vitamins C, Beta-carotene and Zinc, Selenium, and Lutein. They are also considered to be antioxidants. These vitamins and minerals can be found in food and eye supplements. Medical experts agree that not all adults get the nutrients they require from food alone.

Pill form eye health supplements offer an obvious option. However, pills are generally not as effective as you might believe. Pill-form supplements have the disadvantage of passing through the stomach, liver, and other organs. This can lead to a decrease in the effectiveness and potency of the nutrients delivered by the pill. Only a tiny fraction of nutrients are absorbed by the body once they reach the intestines to be delivered into the bloodstream.

A physician might prescribe one of the vitamins mentioned above, another, or a combination of vitamins based on the patient’s medical history.

IV Vitamin Therapy for Eyesight

IV Vitamin Therapy allows some of the vitamins mentioned above and minerals to be injected directly into your bloodstream at full strength. If there are deficiencies and it is impossible to supplement them, you can get intravenous replacement or injections.

IV vitamin therapy allows higher doses of nutrients to be administered in one session. There is little discomfort and almost no downtime. A basic IV drip facilitates the delivery of nutrients and eye supplements. Patients are alert and awake for the whole session. Patients use this time to relax, read, or work remotely from home using a cell phone or laptop.

The Wellness Firm offers a boutique-style, full-service medical office specializing in IV vitamin therapy. We offer intravenous injections of a wide range of nutrients and eye supplements. Our injectable nutrients are the best in medical technology, made from high-quality ingredients. You can choose to have your nutrients administered at our medical office. Our space is calm, modern, and quiet. With our concierge service, you can have your IV vitamin therapy sessions in your home or office.

The Wellness Firm’s IV Vitamin Therapy

The Wellness Firm specializes in mobile IV vitamin therapy. It offers intravenous injections, including glutathione, to patients. They offer blood work so you can have completely tailored IV therapy based on your body’s needs. Founded by local firemen, The Wellness Firm has been providing a safer Tampa Bay since 2006. Call or contact us via E-mail today to schedule your Glutathione injection session, and be sure to check out our 5-star reviews

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