Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment

Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment

Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment is essential for the proper functioning of many systems of the body if you lack vitamin D. However, it is particularly important and a key factor in the functioning of the skeletal and other body systems because it aids the body to absorb and use calcium. Vitamin D can be obtained from many foods, but it is also possible to supplement with vitamin D. Vitamin D can also be obtained from sunlight exposure, but too much can cause a detrimental effect on the body. Low vitamin D can cause symptoms that may not be apparent. However, too much vitamin D could lead to serious health problems. The Wellness Firm offers vitamin-D IV injections. IV injections are faster and more efficient than oral supplements in pill form. IV vitamin therapy sessions can be done quickly and almost painlessly.

Vitamin D Supplement

Pills taken by mouth must pass through the stomach, liver, and intestines before they can reach the intestines. From there, they will be passed into the bloodstream. This delays the absorption of vitamin D supplements and reduces their effectiveness.

Symptoms Of Low Vitamin D

Low vitamin D can cause muscle weakness and pain in the bones. Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment can also help with osteomalacia in adults and rickets in children. Both conditions involve the softening and vulnerability to fractures of bones. Vitamin D deficiency can be dangerous even if you do not experience any symptoms. The Wellness Firm is able to help you assess if you are experiencing vitamin D deficiency symptoms.

Sources Of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is found in fish, egg yolks, and fortified milk. People who are vegans and those who don’t have enough sun exposure (such as night shift workers) are more at risk for vitamin D deficiency. They may also choose to supplement their vitamin D intake with IV vitamin therapy. IV Vitamin Therapy is a way for nutrients to be delivered directly into the bloodstream without interference from the stomach and liver. IV vitamin therapy sessions are delivered via a simple IV drip. Most patients only feel the slight pinch of the needle at the injection site. Many patients are awake during sessions, which they enjoy as it allows them to relax and get some work done.

The Wellness Firm is a boutique-style medical office that offers IV vitamin therapy injections. We use only the best ingredients in the medical industry to make our nutrients. The Wellness Firm patients can have IV vitamin therapy injections at our modern, quiet medical office or at their private homes. Our concierge house call service makes it easy for them to receive the treatment. A physician will consult with you to determine the best nutrients for your needs.

The Wellness Firm specializes in mobile IV vitamin therapy. It offers intravenous injections, including glutathione, to patients. They offer blood work so you can have completely tailored IV therapy based on your body’s needs. Founded by local Firemen, The Wellness Firm has been providing a safer Tampa Bay since 2006. Call or contact us via E-mail today to schedule your Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment session and be sure to check out our 5-star reviews!

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