Vaccinated Travelers Head To Australia

Vaccinated Travelers

Australia is now open to all vaccinated travelers from all over the globe. After a meeting with the government’s security committee, Scott Morrison, Australia’s Prime Minister, announced his announcement on Monday February 7.

What was the reason Australia closed its borders early in 2020?

Australia was a country that closed its borders to international travelers in the early 2020s. It has slowly eased these restrictions through programs with South Korea, New Zealand and Japan.

The country currently allows permanent residents, citizens, their families, as well as backpackers, international students and migrant workers, to enter the country. However, they will need to show proof that they have received two doses of approved vaccine.

As of February 7, AU had confirmed 2,727.260 COVID cases, which included 4,200 deaths.

Tourism AU, the national tourism body, launched an ad campaign titled “It’s our Best Shot for Travel” last year across all media platforms.

This campaign encouraged people to obtain Covid-19 vaccines in order to allow them to travel again and open up national borders. About 80% of the eligible adults in the country have been fully vaccinated.

What does it mean for me?

You don’t have to worry about vaccines unless you are traveling to Australia. According to The Sydney Morning Herald travelers who arrive in Australia should be double-vaccinated.

An Australian Border Force (ABF), travel COVID sticker can be used to replace a passport if someone arrives from New Zealand or other Pacific islands.

Where can I find travel vaccines?

Except for Covid19: Vaccinated travelers to Australia without proof of yellow fever vaccination.

Talk to your doctor if you travel frequently (more than 12 times per calendar year), about booster vaccines against MMR and varicella. If you are a frequent traveler, get a combined MMRV vaccine to protect against varicella, the flu, measles and rubella.

How about traveling to Covid19 vaccinations in my country?

Anyone traveling to Australia from an infected region must have a valid vaccination certificate. This applies to both Australian citizens and residents who return from overseas.

You should check with your country to see if you need to get vaccinated prior to traveling or moving overseas for work. Australia is not the only one that has such a requirement.

Travel vaccines are most easily administered to travelers before they travel abroad. Only exceptions to this rule are vaccines that must be injected into a muscle (e.g. yellow fever and typhoid vaccines). Because they take longer to work, these types of vaccines should not be administered until at least three weeks prior to travel.

It is recommended to get these vaccines earlier than usual in order to allow time for possible side effects (if any) to subside.

Next steps

Australia has opened its borders to meningococcal-vaccinated travelers who wish to travel to Australia. The Wellness Firm ensures that all of its customers are properly vaccinated before and during international travel.

To ensure your safety while traveling to Australia, it is a good idea to get additional vaccines before you leave. Check the travel restrictions and AU for the most recent updates.

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