Pre Employment Physical

Pre Employment Physical

It’s a good idea for potential employees to get a pre employment physical exam if they are being considered for a job. This will ensure that they are healthy and ready to go. The Wellness Firm provides wellness exams and physicals that allow employees to be in control of their health and take charge of their lives.

Why Do My Employees Need A Pre employment Physical?

A physical is a great way to assess an employee’s health. There are many types of physicals that we offer, including return-to-work, pre-employment, Department of Transportation (DOT), and general wellness exams. Pre-employment physicals have been shown to help you save money.

Pre employment physicals, also known as pre-placement tests or human performance evaluations (HPE), are important as they give both you and your employees confidence that they can do the job well. A pre-employment physical may be necessary to identify any potential chronic conditions or illnesses that might prevent an employee from being able to perform the job properly. People with chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease should have pre-employment physicals. They can help determine if the management system is working.

You and your employee can also have pre-employment physicals to establish a baseline for health monitoring over time.

What Does A Pre employment Physical Look Like?

Pre-employment physicals examine many aspects of your health, including:

  • Vital signs like blood pressure and heart rate are important.
  • To determine liver, bowel, and other organ function, abdomen health is important
  • To determine if you have signs or symptoms from other illnesses, examine your skin
  • Heart and lung exam

It is possible to add additional testing to your employee’s pre-employment physicals, such as:

  • Screenings for drugs and alcohol
  • Vision testing
  • TB Testing
  • Titers
  • Labs
  • Hearing conservation programs or audiometry testing

These tests will provide an accurate measurement of your employee’s health and help to ensure that essential job-related factors like vision and hearing are met.

How Can I Help My Employees Prepare For Their Physical?

Although an employee cannot change their health overnight they can prepare for it by gathering a few things.

  • You have provided them with paperwork detailing the services they require, including laboratory orders if needed.
  • They may require aids such as glasses or hearing aids. Additional tests
  • Valid ID forms such as driver’s license, state or federal ID, or employer-issued badge
  • Liste of past surgeries, medications, medical conditions, allergies, and other information

What Other Ways Are There To Measure My Employee’s Health?

Physicals are not the only way to ensure your health. A biometric screening is one way to assess an employee’s wellbeing. The biometric screening is similar to physicals. They measure physical characteristics like height, weight, BMI (body mass index), and blood pressure. However, they also take into account other indicators, such as lipids or glucose levels. These indicators can help you determine your employee’s health and provide valuable insight into the early detection of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and other conditions.

Another way to assess your physical health is body metric testing. A body metric test is not physical. It measures vitals and body measurements like height, weight, and blood pressure. This information can be used to create a composite assessment of a person’s fitness. The Wellness Firm provides both biometric screenings as well as body metric tests to help you make informed decisions regarding your employees’ basic health and wellbeing.

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