Covid Testing Is Helping Employees Get Back To Work

Mobile Covid Testing Is Helping Employees Get Back To Work

Employers must learn how to protect their workers in an environment that is open to business by opening up new states. As people return to the office, mobile Mobile Covid testing for corporate companies will be more important.

Mobile Covid Test: The Facts

A Covid-19 test should be done if you suspect that you may have been exposed or if you start to experience symptoms such as a fever or a cough. To determine if you have the Covid-19 disease, it is best to get tested. You should not share your results with others after being tested for Covid-19. Two types of Covid-19 tests are available at the moment: a virus test to check for a current infection and an antibody test to check for past infections. To determine if the virus is gone from your body, it is recommended that you be tested within three days of being assumed exposed.

Corporate and Mobile Covid Tests

Mobile testing sites are a great resource for hospitals that are pushing their limits on incapacity. They can scale up testing and combat the spread of the Covid-19 viruses without placing unnecessary pressure on the hospitals. Parking lots and large outdoor spaces like parking lots are ideal locations for mobile testing units. This will help reduce the strain on hospitals. Lifeline Health has begun developing drive-through and mobile testing sites to support communities and the healthcare system. We can provide same-day results at our Norco testing site and have been able to administer more than 40,000 tests per month. You can learn more about our mobilized Covid testing and how it can be used for businesses/corporations at our website.

Book Mobile and Corporate Covid-19 Testing With The Wellness Firm

Employers must establish health guidelines to protect their workers from Covid-19. To stop the spread of the virus, Covid testing, contract tracing, and symptom checks are essential tools that employers should implement in their workplaces. Lifeline Health provides a Corporate Concierge Service that facilitates quick and easy Covid testing. A Covid test can provide results within 60 minutes to help ensure safety in your workplace.

The CDC recommends that employees who are subject to mobile or corporate Covid testing be provided with clear information.

Name and manufacturer of the test. Type of test. The purpose of the test. Any limitations. Who will pay for the test? How the test will be performed. What do the results mean? Actions associated with positive or negative results. Who will receive them?

These are important considerations to consider when you implement mobile Covid testing in corporate settings. Contact us today for more information about CDC recommendations in workplaces.

Our Covid tests provide 96.7% sensitivity with 100% specificity. Mobilized testing allows your company to have its tests done quickly and safely while you go back to work.


An antibody test can detect antibodies developed from exposure to COVID-19.

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COVID-19 PCR Onsite Covid Test

The PCR (polymerase-chain reaction) test is used to screen for the presence or absence of viral RNA (Ribonucleic acid). This will allow the body to detect the virus before any symptoms or antibodies develop. These tests are able to detect if someone is suffering from the virus early in the illness. The average turnaround time for results is 24 hours.

COVID-19 Antigen Onsite Testing

Rapid diagnostic tests also known as antigen tests detect specific proteins on coronavirus’s surface. In as little as 15 minutes, the results of an antigen test can be returned. Contact us today to speak to an expert and be sure to check out our 5-star reviews!

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