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MIC Injections, also known as Lipotropic Injections, contain Methionine and Inositol. These essential amino acids lower cholesterol and prevent excess fat buildup in your liver and throughout the body’s circulatory system.


Methionine is an essential amino acid. The “M” symbol in MIC Injection stands to represent Methionine. This acid acts as a lipotropic agent, helping to break down fats in the liver. It also helps to lower cholesterol and prevent excess fat from building up in the body. It can also be used to combat fatigue and allergies.


Inositol is a B vitamin. The “I” symbol in MIC Injection stands for Inositol. It helps with nerve synapses as well as cell structure. Inositol is important for the metabolism of fats, and it also has a role to play in mood. Inositol lowers blood cholesterol, regulates mood and appetite, and plays a part in the production of serotonin. It can also be used to treat panic disorders, depression and polycystic-ovarian syndrome. It is important to maintain optimal brain function.


Choline is the nutrient in MIC Injection. It is essential for liver function and excretion. It regulates cholesterol metabolism, and helps in the transport and metabolism of cholesterol and fats.

The Wellness Firm provides MIC injections and therapy as an IV form or injections to promote liver health, weight loss, lowering cholesterol and overall health.

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In-house blood tests are also available to determine if you have any vitamin deficiencies. Call The Wellness Firm today for a consultation with one of our doctors and to get your vitamin injection.

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