COVID-19 Omicron Variant: Here’s Everything We Know

COVID-19 Omicron Variant

The COVID-19 omicron variant is new, however, it’s definitely worth your attention. The name alone is ominous. It was classified by the World Health Organization as a variant of concern in November. The number of positive omicron cases in the country is on the rise right now.

What do we know about it?

  1. Spreading the omicron variant is much simpler

Our experts have seen firsthand the transmissibility issue of the omicron version. This is what we are seeing from our data.

In just three weeks, Omicron was responsible for the majority of COVID-19 new cases in Floridian patients. The delta variant, which caused havoc in the summer and fall of this year, took three months to reach 80% of all cases that were initially found in Florida.

Initial findings indicate that the Omicron variant causes less severe diseases, but further studies are required to confirm this.

  1. Monoclonal antibodies available are less effective against the Omicron variant.

It is now clear that the monoclonal antibodies most commonly used against the Omicron variant are less effective.

These therapies were important in the early treatment of COVID-19 for people who were not vaccinated or who are high-risk.

Sotrovimab appears to be the only monoclonal anti-mutant treatment that is still effective against this variant. However, it’s not widely accessible right now. This accounts for only a small percentage of the supplies purchased and distributed by government agencies.

  1. Get your COVID-19 booster now

It’s alarming to see a dramatic rise in COVID-19-related cases. If you are eligible, it’s time for your COVID-19 booster.

We at The Wellness Firm know boosters to protect against serious illness with the delta variant, and data is coming in that suggests this protection may also apply to the omicron version.

Pfizer actually announced the results of a laboratory experiment showing that three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine provide better protection against the omicron variant. Moderna released preliminary data showing similar results with its third dose. New reports also indicate Johnson & Johnson’s booster dosage is promising against omicron.

  1. The best defense against COVID-19 remains the same

You can avoid COVID-19, the omicron variant, by being aware of your surroundings. Also, be sure to exercise the COVID-19 precautions we know to work.

  • Getting vaccinated
  • Once you are eligible, get your COVID-19 booster
  • Wearing a mask while you travel
  • Social distancing in indoor public spaces 
  • Avoiding indoor crowds 
  • Avoid touching your face and wash your hands
  • Test frequently and stay up to date on workplace safety

Even if your immunity has been increased, you should still wear a mask when you are in public with vulnerable loved ones or in public.

  1. No matter what variant, the unvaccinated are most at risk

Whether there is a new variant, doesn’t matter. The most urgent issue is that many people remain unvaccinated.

The vaccines are safe and effective, which is why they are our best defense against the disease. Even if your COVID-19 has ended, you should still get vaccinated. Vaccination provides stronger immunity and lasts longer than natural immunity.

Data also shows that adults who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 are twice as likely to contract it again than those who have been vaccinated.

Be skeptical about COVID-19 vaccinations or mistakenly believe you can’t get it twice. Make sure you are reading reliable information about the vaccines.

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